Pete Ray Biggin Official Website

Pete Ray Biggin Official Website

Pete Ray Biggin is the drummer with British bands Incognito and Level 42, as well as his own band The PB Underground. Pete needed a “headquarters” website to keep fans informed about upcoming gigs and news, plus provide photos, videos and interaction. Pete wanted a colorful and fresh design, with a custom logotype designed around his name. An identifiable silhouette logo was added as a finisher. Full hosting, ongoing maintenance and posting management services are provided for this website.


  • Platform: WordPress with Thesis augmentation, 100% custom design
  • Traffic Statistics: Full server-level statistical tracking in place, detailing home country of each visitor, their movement through and time spent on the website, referrer source and search terms used (if applicable), plus dozens more pieces of information.
  • Bi-Directional Social Media Integration: Blog posts can be broadcast instantly to client’s Twitter, Facebook and Myspace accounts, while posts made directly to those sites can be shown on the website itself. Facebook “Like” buttons integrated throughout site to encourage visitors to share on Facebook, resulting in increased incoming traffic and incoming links.
  • Mobile Version: A fully functional mobile version of the website is accessible with special compatibility included for iPhone and iPad platforms.
  • Gigs: Gigs database included for reporting future and past concerts, able to list multiple bands and tours. Individual gig information automatically accessable for news blog posts. All prior venue information easily accessible for quickly listing recurring shows.
  • Video: Multi-section video system with an in-page video display window (expandable to full screen) with scrolling playlist below. Able to show unlimited videos, hosted either by YouTube or internal to the site.
  • Photos: Multi-section photo gallery with automatic photo resizing, watermarking and thumbnailing, with “lightbox” fullsize photo display.
  • Contact: Customizable contact form in use to protect privacy of client’s email address.

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