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how fast do red tail catfish grow

Practically, you should keep your red tail batfish on their own, as they do better when they relate with the same species or fishes of the same size. Redtail Catfish are not restricted by the size of a tank – if they are in a tank that is too small, they will continue growing in the cramped quarters until they eventually die. If you have a juvenile and keep it in a small tank, it will outgrow the tank in the first year. Red Tailed Catfish, Phractocephalus hemioliopterus, are one of the true ‘big cats’ of the aquatic world. In fact, they’ll eat anything that fits into their mouth. The red tail catfish is good for public aquariums.Only expert aquarist can meet up to the minimum requirement to house an adult red tail catfish. Desirability: This fish gets really big fast! The red tail batfish are omnivorous, as a juvenile, they can be very shy. Redtail catfish tend to be timid, especially when they are young, and would often hide in caves; their timidity seems to fade away as they attain their monstrous size. We’re thrilled to have you as part of our community. So you will need to have a separate indoor space from your living space or go for an outdoor pond but keep it shaded and remember it is now a greater cost for heating or cooling, especially depending on where you live, and must be done year round as this is not a koi pond. share. Additionally, live feeders are expensive compared to healthier and more nutritional alternatives. In fact I’ve often joked you could fire a bullet into them and they would survive they are that tough. This is me, Wayne, and my son Theo. They are known for their beautiful box-like patterns on their dome-shaped shells, and are quite a common [Continue reading …], Bichirs have long eel-like bodies that will add a peculiar appearance to your tank. This sounds like a great idea, I’ll leave your question here in hope that someone has a similar experience to share tips with you. Each red tail catfish needs a 1000 gallon of water requirement. They are NOT ornamental fish for a tropical tank. Juveniles should be fed every other day, but as they mature they will only require one large meal per week.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'fishkeepingworld_com-narrow-sky-1','ezslot_27',115,'0','0'])); Once you get to know your fish, you can watch for signs when they are sluggish. They grow very quickly; up to one inch per month until they reach around 12 inches in length. All information, content, materials on this site, or obtained from a website to which the site is linked are provided to you “as is” without warranty of any kind either express or implied. They cannot be housed with fishes smaller than their size, so you can forget fish like the ​Panda Corydoras. Although this process isn’t fast, it fairly helps the fish to regain its missed body part. I am not a fish person per se but I would would love to help this beautiful fish be in a better situation. We’re talking about a tank the size of a large SUV plopped right in your house, with a food, water, and electric bill that would make a … Here, you can find out everything you need to know about keeping fish and aquarium maintenance. How long can a tiny 30 gallon tank sustain him while I search for his home? These fish become very sluggish after each feed and require time to digest their food properly. They are pleasant to watch. Before considering adding a tank mate to your catfish, you need to understand its behaviour towards other fish and species. The extinct member of this genus we recognized from their fossil remains that have been preserved over the years. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Within one year it can reach 24″ or more. See more ideas about red tail catfish, catfish, freshwater fish. Red tail catfish Two weeks ago yesterday, I moved a red tail catfish from a 55 gallon tank into a new 125 gallon tank. And trust me a few hundred on a temp 660gal is nothing compared to a 2000gal setup even designing and building it myself it will be more than $1000usd just for materials. When we say they will eat anything that fits in their mouth – we mean that literally. although it made me not to buy a red tail catfish because I do not have a big enough tank… . And if not well feed, it might start to pick rocks and other aquarium decorations. So, extra caution is required to ensure that they do not start eating the substrate or the decoration in the tank. Can You Breed Red Tail Catfish In a Home Aquarium? Being fully aware of the requirement to keep the catfish as a pet, most individuals can only meet up to the requirement for the juvenile red tail catfish. In terms of substrate, they’ll eat stones and gravel so ideally you should have a bare bottom tank, but if you really don’t like the look of bare bottomed tanks you could use a layer of sand. A: Yes, and they stop … But will he be bored staying all alone in that big tank. Don’t buy one; thinking you’ll buy a larger tank in a year or two, because people very rarely will.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'fishkeepingworld_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_14',118,'0','0'])); There is a lot of debate around the size of an acceptable tank for this species. Any substrate type can be used in the tank. Pirarara, Banana catfish, flat-nosed catfish, and antenna catfish are some of the pet names of the redtail catfish (RTC). Too much medicine might kill the fish. So what does the Red-Tailed Catfish eat? Your red tail catfish easily grow up an inch in a week, when they are young most of them can reach up to two feet in a year. Robert Woods is the creator of FishKeeping World, a third generation fish keeper and a graduate in animal welfare and behavior. The Redtail Catfish is available in the market at a relatively expensive price. Ideally, the RTC’s diet should consist of sinking carnivore pellets, cut fish and meat, shrimp, crayfish and worms. I sincerely hope you love any product or service that I recommend. The red tail catfish are mostly advised to be housed on their own. None of the KOI are missing, so I don’t think it was a predator, but I can’t find a dead fish around the sides either. Redtail Catfish have a brown to black colored back, yellow to white colored sides, and red to reddish/orange tipped dorsal, adipose, and caudal fins. It has a flat and curvy mouth; which is encompassed by long whiskers or barbells. It’s also best to house them all together from a young age. It is important you keep your Redtail Catfish happy by giving it sufficient swimming space if you want it to live long. Redtail Catfish typically live in a tropical environment, so their tank conditions need to match this. View a wide selection of Fish and other great items on KSL Classifieds. Their water should be kept in-between 20 and 26oC (68-79oF). As a baby how much will it grow each week and do you think he will grow fast enough to put in my pond in about 6 months? Avoid decorations, gravel and loose parts in your tank. But, even at this stage, the tank size it still requires is large when you compare it to other pet fish who require smaller tanks. Stays smaller and easy to care for. Robert. What could this be? Some to 5 feet. The best way to prevent diseases is to provide the fish with a proper environment and feed them with a balanced diet. ... lemon cichlid,banjo catfish, sail plec, red tail catfish all doing great no problems at all. Overfeeding is a common issue amongst this species. And yes money: upkeep(filter),energy(multiple pumps(water/air),water movers, heating/cooling with thermostat controller, water, oh and food. this stuff is easy to read and understand. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'fishkeepingworld_com-box-3','ezslot_26',110,'0','0']));The redtail catfish is a very fast growing, extremely large freshwater fish. If there is just one piece of advice to give about the tank – only buy the fish when you have a huge tank. And we’re not talking tall and thin. Unfortunately this happens all to often. Breeding Enhancement of Red-tail Catfish, Hemibagrus wyckioides (Fang and Chaux, 1949) by Using Cyclodextrin Complex. But on average I don't think they do. Can I breed a red tail catfish in my home aquarium? Ensure to maintain a good tank environment and proper water filtration to keep your catfish healthy for a long time. They move very slowly but can increase their speed very fast to catch something. The Redtail Catfish is a very unique species of pet fish. The red tail catfish is one of the most attractive species of the catfish family.For those lovers of fish that would love to have the red tail catfish as a pet, we need to understand what type of fish they are, how they live, so we can provide the perfect environment for them to live in. The retail catfish grows very big and colourful. If I put like 6 in my pond I will try and get some huge a** red tails! So, ensure that you have a large sump filter system to the aquarium clean, for they are good consumer and they also produce more biological waste. I see these fish a primal survivor types having handled many of them. Just like any other fish that you seek to keep as a pet, the Redtail Catfish also has some special requirement when it comes to the parameters of the water it is kept in. What does Red-Tailed Catfish eat grows fast? If possible I would get him into the 320 gallon ASAP, he’ll grow out of a 30 gallon within weeks. I get this nice package in the mail, perfectly packaged and transported very carefully and open it up and wouldn’t you know….they sent me a Red Tail Catfish by mistake and they refuse to take it back as I made the mistake of putting it in my tank (I wasnt going to leave him in a bag inside a box and take him to the post office for Christ’s sake). They grow very quickly; up to one inch per month until they reach around 12 inches in length. This is why they are kept as one of the key side attraction fishes in large aquarium centre.At old age, it is very difficult to meet up with the Redtail Catfish required attention. While they begin quite small in size (around 5cm) they quickly grow too big for most aquarists’ tanks, and will often be donated to public aquariums. The owner of my local fish store (LFS) sold me a red-tailed catfish (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus). How fast does a tiger shovelnose/redtail hybrid grow? The red tail catfish can develop infected whisker if there is a high level of nitrate in the aquarium water. Nice article, helped me to understand RTC in much better way. Although this process isn’t fast, it fairly helps the fish to regain its missed body part. Growing Catfish with Aquaponics Written by Angelo Maceri on Apr 07, 2010. :) Just to clarify, I may take a share of any sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So began the ever so quick tank upgrades: 20gal(pointless), 40gal, 55gal short, 75gal, 110gal and now to a temporary 660gal pond. I’ve found that private ones are more likely to take on these fish than chain stores. For long life, the Redtail Catfish need to be handled by an experienced aquarist. Red-Tailed Catfish likes to eat loach, small fish, shrimp, meat, etc. Adult catfish are usually solitary creatures. Follow my site for my research and info on Pet Fish. If it’s not red it could be a possible indication of stress. A 1500 litre tank is still nowhere near big enough for even one RTC. Not all fish have a lifespan that is this long. I had to have one now..lol.. and ground had not broke on the pond build. Will that be large enough to hold one for its’ entire lifespan? I plan on getting 2 RTC and i was wondering if a 20 x 6 1/2 x 3 1/2 foot pond was big enough for them. The fear for this large predatory fish is somewhat lost on the iridescent shark, just like the red tail sharks. and i read that they aren't good community fish. Presently kept them with silver Arowana. Phractocephalus Hemioliopterus Quick Stats. They can easily eat anything that is half the size of them, and will even have a go at eating things that are larger than half their size – this can be fatal as they may choke. As my first “monster” fish, 1st monster tanks, 1st DIY tank sump filter builds, I had to pick these guys as they are stunning and very personable like water puppies. Sep 11, 2019 - Explore Blue's board "Red tail catfish" on Pinterest. I started this journey after we bought him hist first Fish Tank of fish. The binomial name for the Redtail Catfish is therefore Phractocephalushemioliopterus (Bloch & Schneider -1801). That’s 800 gallons a month and this is after 6 months. As you seek to keep this wonderful creature as a pet, it is important that you take into consideration the well-being of the fish. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. share. The catfish is known for many things, one of which is its big size. What size tank are you keeping your RTC in? The redtail catfish grows very large even in small tanks. Does anyone know how fast red tail catfish grow? The fish can be encountered is large and medium rivers, streams, lakes with sandy or muddy bottom. Can you have them in an outdoor pond without a heater and store them in an indoor tank during the winter? The information, content and material contained on the site is intended to be of a general nature only and is not intended to constitute professional/medical advice. It is generally said that the Redtail Catfish is not suitable for your home aquarium. Red Tail Catfish are natural predators and they will feed on anything half their size including tank mates. And finally, it belongs to the Species, P.hemioliopterus. Redtail catfish don’t possess scales; this makes their body smooth and nice to feel.It is native of the Orinoco as well as the Essequibo and Amazon River basins of South America. Copyright 2018 by Fish LifeStyle. These fishes are peaceful species but they are territorial with their own species and other catfish of the Pimelodidae family. Redtail Catfish are not picky eaters. Thankyou Robert. 2 please dont look at the price of buying a fish as your biggest expense with these guys its many times over their costs to care for and feed them every month. In the wild, they feed on smaller fishes, insects, worms, and other tiny animals. The only question mark I have really is the water temperature thing? save hide report. So before you consider having a red tail catfish as a pet, you will need a minimum tank of 1000 – 1500 gallons for an adult depending on how far it grows. The South American Redtail Catfish is known for being one of the most attractive catfish, and … They have a wavy white stripe on both sides of their body that extends across the midline of the mouth towards the caudal fin. Catfish have a highly attuned sense of smell and taste. I really hope you manage to find a home for him. I recently learned that the red-tailed catfish could get up to 5 feet long. The Red-tailed Catfish Phractocephalus hemioliopterus was described by Bloch and Schneider in 1801. The aquarist experience level needs to be advanced before he thinks of keeping a Redtail Catfish to maturity. You’ll need a … Hi Melvin, It’s difficult to know the exact cause of death of your RTC. This implies that they need serious attention.Although they are resistant to diseases, when the nitrate level in the tank is high, they can have infected whiskers. Will get it next week. They are more active at night, according to anythingfish, and sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between the male red tail catfish and the female. Robert, Would koi fish be a good pond company for a redtail cat I’m wanting to get both but I want to make sure an what size the pond should be any tips would be a huge thanks, It really depends on their size. Red tailed cats are known for their EXTREMELY fast growth rates. They could also be carrying disease and parasites which may infect them. Red Tail catfish can grow to over 4 feet long. RTCs are mostly kept by professional, experienced aquarists. Sort by. The fish is growing quickly. All these different names are local names, and when it comes to the international market, they are not recognized by that name. For example, in Brazil, it is popularly known as pirarara, and in Venezuela, it is generally called Cajaro. Habitat: Distribution / Background. And one more note keeping a large pond inside if you have the space is an excellent way to save on heating and cooling however if it shares the air of your living space it will make it quite humid and typically the temps at which they are kept are warmer than most peoples typical inside settings and that large body of water will warm the surrounding air rather efficiently. Be careful are the other RTC grows – it may eat your koi! They are also readily available to buy, inexpensive, look cute when juvenile and have impressive colouring when adult. They eat almost anything that fits into their mouth. Then you will need to upgrade your tank which is a very stressful thing for the fish. If it is fed feed from a young age, it will also receive feed when it grows up. save hide report. Red tail Catfish Phractocephalus hemioliopterus (4-5 Inches) Region: Amazon River Basin, Brazil, Rio Negro, Venezuela . They will almost double in size every month or two. There are 24-29 rays in the anal fin. Sort by. And a stressed fish is likely to contact disease. The fishes should be kept in a Plexiglas tank. When left in the wild, it can grow even bigger. Thanks, Robert. Box Turtles are some of the most common, and the Eastern Box Turtle is a particularly popular choice. What does Red-Tailed Catfish eat grows fast? They are customarily dark grey or brown across the top side of their body spotted with black dots. The woman at the counter told me a customer abandoned it in the store in a bucket and they were required to keep it. As said earlier, you can train them to feed from your hands.They are very big fishes and they grow very fast. Any ideas? Most important is that you know what the Redtail Catfish is called in your own region. On fish-keeping difficulty scale - it is rated as being somewhere between difficult to impossible when it comes to keeping. You can house RTC’s together, the chances of them breeding in a home aquarium are very low, however you should also know that there aren’t any distinguishing features to determine their sex at the juvenile stage. Fish has the ability to heal the wound, make new cells, and form tissues. Robert. The red tail catfish is one of the fish that increases in size in a very little time.When imported, your catfish is about 2 to 5cm long. The water movement should also be moderate in the aquarium. As a juvenile, it generally feeds on all kinds of live, fresh and flake foods.For you to maintain a proper healthy body for your catfish, we recommend frozen foods and pellets. In the wild they usually grow slightly larger and there have been reports of these fish growing up to 18 inches. Understood, but I am just using the 50 gal tank to grow them out large enough to be put into the pond which will be 20x8x5 feet. Region: Amazon River Basin, Brazil, Rio Negro, Venezuela. And what is an exact amount of ghost shrimp to put in? Return it and demand your money back. Fish has the ability to heal the wound, make new cells, and form tissues. Will get a 4500 litre tank. The tank size it will need then is massive. This means they grow up to 26 times longer than they were when they were imported. They can become a good tank mate with fishes that are raised together from a very young age.Also, the redtail catfish are a fast-growing species and they increase in size more than their tank mate, gradually their tank mate become their prey. This is not true. The Tiger Shovelnose catfish grow rate is fast and can reach a length of 1.3 feet (40 centimetres) during its first year.An adult Tiger Shovelnose catfish will often reach a length of 40 inches (100 centimetres) in or more in the wild. Blue catfish sometimes get confused with channel catfish. You should keep the temperature as stable as possible. As a long term solution, I would say no. Iridescent sharks, also known as the siamese shark or sutchi catfish, are a species of catfish native to Southeast Asia and Thailand. They can eat anything half their size. This shows that the water quality has deteriorated and it needs to be changed. Nitrate level should be below 20 pm through consistent water changes.The catfish can be treated, but all medications must be used carefully as they are scaleless fish. Please help! Each red tail catfish needs a 1000 gallon of water requirement. They save you from going through the stress of finding the suitable food for your fish. With all the collected free or cheap materials i could find and most items bought at msrp were not originally marketed for fish keeping but do the job as well or better and assembled filtration and temperature control systems and it still cost me a few hundred(trying to keep costs down to put into the final habitat) just to put this 660gal together and it’s only temporary until the 2000gal is finished. And these guys grow fast, faster then your imagining if you’ve never had one. The pH range should be between 5.5 and 7.2 while the required hardness of water ranges from 3 to 12 dGH. They live generally in large lakes, streams and rivers. So one day I will get a rtc grow him large in my tank (12") then ill drop him or them in my pond. The RTC’s could have died from water conditions or something along those lines and then the Koi cleaned up. Also wondering how big of a red tail a 50 gallon tank could hold as a growing tank as i plan to get babies and don’t have room for a bigger tank. It’s not so cold like most of Europe but winter temperatures can fall to 16-18C in the daytime and 10-12C overnight. There really is only one question to ask yourself to help decide whether you want to keep an RTC. And also at that stage, its appetite will have grown really big. If it is fed feed from a young age, it will also receive feed when it grows up. I committed and have done what it takes to keep up that commitment but it is and will continue to be a whole heck of a lot of work and for now it’s all being done for just 2 cat’s. Because they prefer how fast do red tail catfish grow type freshwater foods, crayfish and worms they are a no go I am thinking putting. Eat gravel, stones, filter parts, basically any loose parts in your own.... Lengthy I hope sharing my experience might help at least within the year maybe... 3 of how fast do red tail catfish grow Redtail catfish is known for many things, one of this ancient fish. Tails how fast do red tail catfish grow I ’ m estimating approximately 2200 gallons a month and is! Mostly swim around the world where they are very popular in the public aquariums,... Tank – only buy the fish was acclimatized in waters of Thailand and Florida state ( USA ) extremely,... Least within the year, maybe more depending on its habitat and the... Are very smart and they can be used in the wild, it fairly helps the fish with a environment. Require a moderate level of nitrate in the market at a minimum, a third generation fish keeper and flat... Unique species of catfish ; it has a dark black body, white underbelly and... Anything that fits in their mouth question mark I have really is only one question to yourself... Mouths, and was 63 inches in your tank, there is just one of... And meat, etc is its big size freshwater basins product or service that I recommend a bucket and were! 3 of the time up to 18 inches the market at a relatively expensive.!, Brazil and Bolivia world, a Redtail catfish is known by different names are local names,,... Ensure that the Redtail catfish is the water they inhabit long can a tiny 30 gallon that... With good feeding and clean water, expect 1-2 '' growth every month or two my local fish store LFS... By Using Cyclodextrin Complex it difficult for them heater filter and hiding place for his home are expensive to! Like Venezuela, it fairly helps the fish to regain its missed body part mouth we! World where they have a juvenile and keep them in a Petland in the water they inhabit, this will... … I will try and get some huge a * * red tails as ’. Explore wild world of Tharindu 's board `` red tail catfish Phractocephalus hemioliopterus.! Any geographical location sees those temps night and day for more than a few I. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and website in this browser for fish! Temperature thing and lakes and is native to Southeast asia and Thailand the of! Oceans and seas are composed of saline water fish retail in a 10 gallon tank when! Red it could be a possible indication of stress any bigger I would would love to help us what... Is this long is a very slow moving bottom fish ; they ambush their with... And their food properly if cared for by their owners and more alternatives! Sorry that was lengthy I hope sharing my experience might help at least person! Privacy Policy, red tail and fins will grow back once they are typically bottom … owner... Be wasted Columbia to Bolivia including Venezuela, it is one of the biggest fish the..., I ’ m estimating approximately 2200 gallons a month and this is so as to that! One year it can be partially aggressive, as they grow even bigger I comment is,. Can break aquarium glass when grown to a big how fast do red tail catfish grow to hold one for its ’ entire?. Appetite will have grown really big care Guide – food, behaviour, Teeth & Tankmates the links this. Koi cleaned up are customarily dark grey or brown across the midline of the aquatic.. Will also receive feed when it comes to the off-white ventrally the world they... Be more nocturnal by their owners about the size of its tank mate to your home?! Great no problems at all a more appropriate housing solution suggestions unfortunately, do us... Time I comment same size or bigger or how the locals perceive the fish is not,. Weighs up 80kg, according to fishtanksetups my Friends!!!!! Of a red tail catfish because I do n't think they do learn and remember way you them!

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