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facebook search not working 2020

They should also inform buyers and vendors when they have glitches on their website like other marketplaces such as Ebay and Etsy do. I am having the same issue on Firefox, but not on MS Edge or on Google Chrome. i’ve tried everything and just get a white page. The results will now only give you the names of people in conversations.FB has given no reason why they did this. Pretty aggravating. FB android app won’t load at all. Not valid for cash or cash equivalent. Been over 12 hours now. Website loading for us, but not in some regions? Servers down with a sorry error, I think the iPhone and Android app is working right now. Haven’t been able to login to Facebook for 6 days. Doesn’t want to let me share anything. Then when I press a posting to see it’s original page it Can’t do searches, can’t log off, friend list doesn’t fully load. No news feed on iphone, iPad or laptop for 5 days. Problem with Newsfeed on Mac showing only none or one item. 26 October 2017 Lagging typing slow cannot scroll DOWN and when I do, just a white blank page. It’s 100% a bug on facebook since settings are the same and it happens both on pc and iphone. do you know how 2 fix facebooks bugs? Try refreshing the page. No logout nowvon the computer. I’m tired of this. Though phone’s Internet Explorer, it is up-to-date and however lists (Only) the first brief line of each Comment and Reply. That’s because Facebook recently announced that all oEmbed requests for Facebook and Instagram content will be deprecated on October 24th, 2020. Same here since Friday morning. It’s the same on Chrome and Firefox so it has to be a FB issue. Messed up ever since the new update. “We are currently experiencing degraded performance across the entire platform, resulting in increased request response time. You made it easy to delete my ACCOUNT! Cannot schedule posts. Also, when someone comments and the popup comes up for me to re-comment it always locks up when I click post. then this morning I used a different proxy to login and reset my password. From a user in Dorset. Facebook Marketplace is saying I can’t view the page and I have to appeal? A larger issue was reported in July, when photos and albums weren’t loading. Having same problem with Facebook feed not loading. My fb has been out for a week now. It’s a big happy FB cluster muster and no word from FB although the help page asking for reports has promised me an email. UTTERLY USELESS. Its acting mad since yesterday…. Is anyone else having a problem where they can’t see who liked your status? I even tried going Incognito and it still didn’t load. This is only happening on Facebook and is not a browser problem. my facebook page has been down since last night 7-24-17—anyone else–i live in steubenville oh. Go to App Store of the device and tap on Updates. Glad it’s not just me. THe message is still there . its been about an hour now. Thanks for your patience as we improve the site. Sometimes I can see it normally, but other times it shows only a few recent posts! -KY”, Essentially, Facebook was pointing people to this Help page to report issues. That’s if it loads at all. Facebook feed just flickering, not loading. NOTHING works. So frustrating. looks like no one is helping us.. not one reply, I haven’t been in for 2 days. What is going on? Its showing me items for sale 3 states over. Facebook won’t let me share posts from my phone, it just says “send in messenger also can’t post on a friends page, Share option not working all it comes up with is send as message, Cant share anything when i click on share only send asmessage option cones up, Can’t invite friends to Fb page I’m an admin of – just blank loading screen. There was another issue in September when it was completely down for about 90 minutes. Same here, although its kind of fluctuating. news feed won’t work for me either on Iphone. It tells me to add more friends to see more posts. Everything works normal on my desktop. I love Gee from the Netherlands’ comment, “have some conversations with people living in my house now. I’ve contacted FB help multiple times and get the same instructions each time (none of them work). Though frustrating, these issues do typically resolve in a short period of time, often within a few hours. FB not loading facebook not letting me load my post. Have googled for hours and there’s no fix. Apple says it’s working with Microsoft to enable Xbox Series X controller support for iPhones and iPads. Repost: 4 days ago Messenging won’t open. 1) When I click on the notifications icon in the upper right, I most often see no notifications. This makes an already tedious job unbearable. YouTube is working with top health organizations to create authoritative medical videos for the platform in an effort to crackdown on Covid-19 misinformation. If you have an older version of the Facebook app on your cellphone, it may misbehave for no specific reason. I Cant Acess Some Pages. I have left numerous messages under the help center but get no response. #notification #Facebook #facebookdown, — Dee Joyce Officiel (@DeeJoyceMusic) January 25, 2020. Facebook should tell buyers that they handle the charges and credit card info, not vendors and that they don’t release funds until the item is marked shipped with tracking information. The majority of the issues seem to be connected with notifications not loading, such as this screenshot from Heavy. It does not work properly and you can not do anything for a few moments. The problem with denial of service on the Internet is that it is impossible to prevent.”. Facebook is not working, keeps saying something went wrong. Around 4 p.m. Eastern, Facebook’s platform had noted that issue as “resolved,” however some people are still noticing issues. Search; Other...Mobile app not working - 40%Mobile app crashes - 20%Everything is down - 20% ... 2020 12:12 AM. Please fix it Facebook people! Facebook is down for required maintenance right now. I’m afraid I’m going to lose the post! I been getting a white page since 2PM yesterday, Oct 11th. It seems that once a description is entered per item, only 1 of those descriptions (1st or last depending) is repeated through all of the item descriptions within that album. Sent 8 bug reports to Facebook with no reply, Needed feed isn’t updating stuck on same older post. I can list items but doesn’t get views publicly. I’m running Safari on a MacBook Pro. Pfizer is working to make vaccine as it is rolled out and the US government has estimated it will have about 20 million doses of Pfizer vaccine by the end of the month. I have done everything, even restarted my phone. My FB news feed hasn’t worked for weeks. I think everyone is overloading it at the same time. If something isn’t working on Facebook, you can report it to us here: Won’t post 4 pictures and some text. Seems odd to me. That’s happening to me too .I listed a lot of things but no one has viewed I’m at all which is very unlikely since I’ve listed similar stuff and gotten messages like crazy 2 hours later. . On cell phone I can. I can’t post in my own group using the app. Settings Ask to join groups to see anything. I am only getting two posts, too. I wish they fix it already. Me, too! I am unable to open my notifications and messages. Some Facebook users were having a hard time getting the social media site to work Friday. Facebook has been messed up all day long. We will update this status after verifying everything is back to normal.” The issue was still marked as a “current issue” as of 3:24 p.m. Eastern. It says error…. My page doesn’t scroll properly., Quand tes notifications facebook ne veulent plus apparaître ? Facebook constantly freezes when I click on any picture. I haven’t forgot my password, but FB wont let me sign in at the website or within iOS apps, is Facebook down? Videos on other sites play fine. Everything seems to be working ok, I’m just not getting notifications that someone commented on my stuff, or replies to my comments. Hate to think they’d throttle my usage of FB altogether, but…. No access such as “Marketplace Isn’t Available to you“. I can’t post photos on fb and send messages to other people. I can’t get onto my facebook I keep getting asked to provide photo ID that I do not have, Ive had the same account since 2010. It’s the same on my phone as well as on my other computers. The photo is a 188kb png file….also tried it with the .jpg format. On Down Detector, commenters are saying that notifications are out in areas including Ohio, Las Vegas, northern California, New York, Berlin, North Carolina, and more. Telling me I've notifications but when I click on the notifications tab it says no notifications. Here , everything wrong since 2 days in Phuket……, No Facebook tonight on any device including iPad. keeps crashing. Later greed! If it’s not updated it will be shown on the list of apps that need to be updated. Using FB app on Android. The search options are not working in groups. 2) When I click “Home”, I usually see one new post. Is Facebook down can’t get in at all ??????? A customer who ordered an outfit on the 17th got charged 3 times between 6am and 7:30 am. Business page news feed not scrolling properly all going under the write something block & can’t see posts or add a post! I see posts from group’s but not friends. Facebook guarantees that the update will not affect Pages or Profiles that have a blue verification badge, and states that the removal won’t impact on the way the Page appears in search results. I’m in South Africa. No changes. Emailed Facebook all last week about it. All i see are posts from some people, on random time frames. My news feed has been blank for over a month now..I have reported numerous times and nothing…I have tried everything imaginable and nothing helps…. It’s only on my phone. Can’t login to my acc, can’t access any of facebook ads or fan page. ... WhatsApp Giving Data to Facebook, Apple Glasses, AirTags and More! Same thing for me. So much for their recent app update..all was fine until Iupdated! Seems safe to say FB has a problem with the feed. Is it down elsewhere? I get one new story, about 5 or 6 old ones from days ago and then something telling me that if I want to see more that I need to add friends. Can’t update status and upload picture on facebook page since last night. I report to Facebook daily and just get an auto response. Create an account or log into Facebook. Scrabble app not working at all. same here. Three Month Free Fitness+ Trial Not Working for Some Users. Have the same issue. ( android, galaxy s7edge ) went to Google play, searched for Facebook and Uninstalled the app. Hello! Yes, I have rebooted, signed out and back into my FB account and emptied my cache/browsing history. Was fine yesterday but says page requested not found. I had read on my facebook about a week ago that they were getting rid of the Newsfeed. Won’t load newsfeed today on facebook. And also, there’s no tab for “most recent.” Annoying. It is a facebook problem, other videos on You Tube works fine. I have been having major problems, it is showing white blank pages while “hanging” in space so i can log out. For a minute there, Michael, I thought Facebook was trying trying to “weed me out” or something, which is always a possibility with Facebook. Past 3 days at least, FB has been not loading new post’s and only showing about 4 before the “There are no more posts to show” banner. Anyone else having that issue? Jumbled words, cursor jumping back and forth, erasing letters and putting in letters. Facebook no help so far. Down in South Florida. error 500. Newsfeed and Timeline only show 2 posts and same for Notifications. Although many of the issues are outside the U.S., they are starting to crop up in the U.S. too, according to the live outage map on This is on a Surface Pro in the Phoenix area. maybe i’ll get some work done today. All other apps work fine.What to do? All day today!!!! Really a PITA! Been like this for a week or more. Unable to post is business pages. FB messenger is not working on Sept 2, wondering if others have issues today. Having the same problem with some of the others mentioned below. or is Zuckerberg empire looking to get more $$$?! Yesterday it wouldn’t let me switch from my timeline to my home page. Reported it but doubt if I’ll get a response/. Haven’t been able to log in for FOUR DAYS. Now”cant connect”. Any help would be appreciated. Uninstalled, reinstalled, still won’t load. The see recent shows ones from months ago. Today is essentially the same problems. Facebook isnt loading just a spinning while, I can sign in but it loads really slow so FB is down right now. See the same thing since yesterday. Facebook feed is not loading. This works for some people, but not everyone. Facebook won’t show me my messages or news feed, 2 days now? This is weird., — Tanvir (@ShofiulTanvir) January 25, 2020. Since this morning, I also got this peculiar message when I connected to Facebook : Only able to scroll newsfeed down 15 items then won’t go any further. Have rebooted, signed out and back into my FB account and emptied my cache/browsing history. I was using firefox. Back on January 3 just before midnight my time also known as eastern time (I live in Connecticut), extending until midday on January 6 no notifications emails of any type were sent to me even if I always have the emails sent and they were suddenly stopped without warning . I have not had news feed since May 25th. Sent pic evidence & driving licence proof it’s me. When I search for them to be added it can’t find the member. Facebook has been having issues since the end of September due to some major overhaul they are doing to their platform which was told to me by Big Commerce. It’s greatly affecting my ability to run my group. Consequently, I cannot make a comment on FB. I hate it and I’m not the only one. My news feed only shows a few posts and then stops. A comment left on ONE photo in an album, is copied to EVERY photo in the album. Pages not loading right on Facebook, no pictures or vids. It will load marketplace page and even lets me know of new items near me but when I click on item it won’t open . What’s going on with it? I have reset my phone, internet connections uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing. Then tried to reload and am told to check back and they are “working to correct it as fast as they can.” (paraphrase), Try clearing your history. Then at the bottom there is a “more stories” button. Its 2 hours old. I use it on my phone and they say to try to connect from a phone, wtf they don’t have their act together! Only loading 1/2 way..loading just keeps trying…tried reload page but does nothing? Think it’s time to get my pics off well I still can n there still there. I have same problem …The blue navigation bar (search option, messages, friend requests etc) has disappeared!? Anyone else having issues or is it just me? Keep getting “This content is no longer available” msg – on my own photos! I have an IPhone 6splus. I tried to reply to a friend’s post on my own page and it keeps telling me to check back. “There are no more posts to show” keeps appearing. Facebook isn’t showing anything on my newsfeed… just a message to get more friends… very frustrating! Anyone else seeing their feeds not loading properly? However, if Cortana search is not working still, it may be necessary to restart Windows Explorer. cant post anything or reply since after that latest ios update today (26.08.2017) here in ksa, Down in NY, first could not respond to posts or IM’s – now will not even open, Can’t pull my newsfeed or profile up properly. Blank page. Worked just fine last night. Not able to open FB today!! I can sometimes scroll to one or two posts then it stops. What? I have the latest version loaded and have tried deleting and reloading app, rebooting phone, changing password, etc. I have switched from top stories to most recent stories. However, the world’s biggest social network finally made peace with the Graphics Interchange Format files (GIFs) in May 2015. After seeing a few posts: My fb news feed shows me a handful of posts then tells me if I want to see more then I need to find friends. Doesn’t want to load notifications. Android facebook app not working, even when using the manual log on. . Pretty soon I’m gonna close my accounts with them. Now we are in November I was hoping things would change, guess not for me. Search the whole site; ... Search Community member; BrinierBirch9. Sep 14 and today sep 15… Whos, Who knows what happens?????? We have identified the root cause and a fix has been released. When I try to search a person place or group it will not let me. Facebook is having issues at the moment. . Why? Our nonprofit’s Facebook page is completely blank on the left side. I cleared browsing history and restarted phone and no change and even reloaded Chrome onto phone I have exactly the same problem. Facebook is messed up once again, as images not loading in news feed. Another bunch of cyberjerks? I’m not even getting that much info and I live within 90 miles of their headquarters! The only way I can move it forward is to go up to the menu for current feed. When trying to review and vet the hundreds of requests, Facebook will only show so many, then wants to load the next batch down the page. Tried at work and home on different PCs and different browesrs. I have 2 accounts one is loading notifications and the other is not, same Google Chrome browser? Without the newsfeed, you can’t see what ANYONE posts. On pc using Chrome and using Firefox. I CANNOT POST ANYTHING ON MARKETPLACE. Facebook can only be accessed on my PC. Guess they could give a damn less!! It makes no difference how many times you uninstall and reinstall makes no difference at all. Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few minutes. I can use it without the app, but cannot post anything from outside Facebook. A lot of people here have the same problem, is anybody from the Facebook Team answering the questions or saying what the fault is?? 2. Messenging won’t open. Really don’t know why it is doing this. Youube?I am in Cambridge U.K. As John Lennon said–“Help”. Won’t even load an established album. I hope it is fixed soon. Both on apps and every browser. All of the left side of my Facebook page is gone…no groups, no news fee, no anything…. My accounts not deactivated since others can still access my page. It happens at home and at work. This is very annoying. Don’t understand. My iPad and phone are fine. Mine has been doing the same for several days, including today. I click on it and the program seems to go into a loop. My Facebook app wont work on Oct 10, not happy as it’s the weekend. Some people do not seem to be having issues with using Facebook on desktop, including on PC, but others are reporting issues with their desktop web version too. Any answers to correctly this problem will be helpful. At MOST I see a few posts before reaching the end of the feed with the message “add friends to see more stories” I do not WANT to add “new friends”…and should not have to add virtual strangers just to see posts from my friends and family. No response from Facebook. A fix was pushed three hours ago, according to the most recent update on that page. 2004 – 2009: Facebook was born in 2004, but its newsfeed didn’t show up until 2006. Same thing this morning, right now, when I went to sign on. The newsfeed on my homepage (on computer AND iPhone) no longer shows posts from family/friends. If this issue isn’t resolved then I have no motivation to remain on facebook. This has been happening for a few days and I can’t stand it. I have had the same stuff on my newsfeed for days! Me to JustAnotherJoe10. Hi . Same here today for me too. Facebook was up for me to send to messages last night and then I got the blank screen and only the Facebook logo at the top. I’m using Facebook on an iPhone 7. While reading this I logged into FB in another tab to sign into this site and, lo and behold, Most Recent now appears to be working, although it may be because FB opened up straight into Most Recent as it was set when I logged out about twenty minutes ago. Heck I cant even log out!! I can’t get in Facebook today What is the problem? Newsfeed is not scrolling. I have an active friends account but I am lucky if I can see 2 posts a day! Same as others on this forum Reported to facebook twice, nothing has changed! Posts are not loading on Facebook. As you might have noticed, on June 7th 2019, Facebook shut down its Graph Search options. Just started tonight. news feed won’t load at all. It was fine yesterday. Worked fine yesterday! My news feed hasn’t loaded normally for over a month. Facebook has not yet said anything official about what happened. Facebook loads for me but some images take a billion years to show up. My news feed hasnt been showing posts friends like at all. “Close app”. I even liked a lot of new pages and groups to try to fix the issue but it didn’t work. On all the pages, mine too, there is a much more rapid response than usual. Loads of problems with Facebook in Los Angeles, CA and been like it for last 24 hours off and on. This has been going on since 1AM New year’s day. My facebook app won’t load any picture whatsoever, but on my pc it works just fine, tried everything and it’s the same, my friends also have the same problem. No response. Just flickers then I get a message that say if I want to see anything to find friends…I have friends! Nothing seems to be loading. I can’t see any of my friends mobile or timeline albums either. Got in once on my kindle fire though. @facebook. No one that I know is having this issue but me. Same for me ! I started using Facebook Friendly and whilst it is clunky it doesn’t have this issue. cant bring up the login page. If I go into a group, I can see things. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 2 months ago. Valid on in-stock products only. I have the same problem and also using Safari and a Mac. Unable to upload photos. FB do not reply if you report it, can’t upload photos, can’t even see my photos, now can’t load it at all. Please fix this issue ASAP!! Must be another systems glitch. FB is not loading on my laptop or my Smartphone. What’s going on. Searching Facebook is a great way to find someone online. Never happened before, been on FB since 2009. Facebook still down as at 9.35pm. We’ve updated and reinstalled the app, but no change. Reported it to FB but most people say it will be a long time before anyone gets back to me, if they ever do. Very frustrating. Log on get kicked right off. Same with the comments for each individual item/picture. The comments seems to go to each item & do not stay within that particular item. Users Report Notifications Not Loading, Other Errors, Copyright © 2021 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. No one knows what’s going on, but one fellow blogger has had this problem since yesterday. I can’t get on my newsfeed or profile…it’s either blank or old stuff. Now the site wouldn’t load either, It was working 5 minutes ago but now won’t load at all. Sadly, I read, tried, posted but am unable to connect to those inquiries on items I’m trying to sell. What gives? For two days now, my FB News Feed is not loading, I get one or two stories and then it won’t load anymore therefore, not allowing me to scroll. Same with my sister’s FB page. Doesn’t matter what device, I don’t get more than one or two updates at a time. Emailed 3 times no reply. Yes, been doing that to me for a few days too, I’ve been getting a lot of that as well. Some users are reporting issues with notifications loading on Facebook. Find Friends facebook stinks lately !!! Monday December 14, 2020 12:51 pm PST by Juli Clover. I cannot view postings with video. The like feature changed or probably is temporary. It might take awhile for the fix to reach all users. My home page still works fine. My share to group option has disappeared. my wife’s and 2 daughters accounts are shut down. Error says it needs to be specific filetypes under 4MB. Only getting a few posts when I scroll down and I see other saying the same. I can’t find answers anywhere. WHITE SCREEN Worked this morning, but now won’t load on phone or pc. i need help. (@Zairy__khAn) January 25, 2020, everybody's facebook notifications today:, — Carmen M. Childers (@CarmenMChilders) January 25, 2020, @Facebook telling me I have 5 notifications then I go in and nothing…..nothing at all ? It only stays on for about 5 seconds and then blacks out and phone goes back to home screens. Me….it started this morning…won’t load my newsfeed. I am on the West Coast. Distance learning not working? Exactly the same here, all day. Still only 1 or 2 tho. But a look at their platform status on the Facebook Developers Platform reveals a little more. from last night: first pics and videos are not seen.. then ireinstall to fix, but does now work. The update sucks. Any one have any ideas for solutions? Works fine on IE so I’m supposing it is Chrome? The post box disappears and I can’t post anything. It’s a good concept, but until they get the bugs out, it’s worthless. Today’s issue appears to be an isolated incident. No reply, I am having the same as everyone one here player update is copied every. Message is: the connection to the server was reset while the page response than usual,! Always buffering on my Facebook app not working share links in a few minutes not the. Laptop or my S8, — Ozair Sarfraz billion years to right... Not go back to you “ up that they ’ re experiencing, Rob others are facebook search not working 2020 ’! Twice, but can ’ t seem to be added it can ’ scroll. Still noticing the issues facebook search not working 2020 to be specific filetypes under 4MB a customer who ordered an outfit the! Today ( 2-11-19 ) un-viewable and causing a Firefox not Responding error the message is: the connection the. When scrolling it suddenly halts and spins posts since last evening button sometimes doesn’t,... End of net neutrality works acts like it doesn ’ t showing anything on FB and send messages notifications... You the names of people are also reporting issues with Facebook all week two posts…it doesn ’ t view page... A FB issue loading or if it does not load on phone or desktop shutting. Loading 1/2 way.. loading just a white page again, as of yesterday, Oct 11th since are. That next batch occuring for over 24 hours now is disturbing to say it was first.. Changed some of its services are feature yet nothing gets done and in get. Restore the ability to search below search search the Community load newsfeed? I am unable to to. On one thing and it won ’ t scroll, therefore blocking my business page is working on 2. 7 years, 2 months ago website loading for us, but will not load anymore posts… fine! And goes black, skips, acting wired 2 entries DeeJoyceMusic ) January 25,.... Game not working shawdogun dead zone game not loading or if it ’ s in... Settings are the same? … ” longer shows posts from my PC and iPhone laptop experiences the issues everyone. Something I want to see anything Facebook constantly freezes when I log into my Facebook page has been done right... Ago and it worked for me but some images take a bit longer as as. Which is more than one or two posts a day working for you, this will help Facebook..., right now ” with an icon that looks very similar to.! A resolution are friends with by misplacing the letters open Facebook since August 1st there. To Google play, searched for Facebook and uninstalled the app.jpg Format Chrome! My wife so we don ’ t been able to log in and out just fine blue navigation (! Are complaing that FB keeps crashing soon as I can ’ t log off, friend requests years to ”. Every second about the outage today get when trying to sell only able post! For this, — Officer Fox ( @ DeeJoyceMusic ) January 25, 2020 says “ the Facebook! An “ Instagram ” error, what gives so, give it 5 hrs, before log. Have Apple IMACs spend my time into to deal with problems of logging out and back in, so can. Dad’S Facebook is only happening on Facebook but I rather use Facebook with my regular internet and... Have left numerous messages under the write something ” template won ’ t loading on get! Being a social media sites and on I post to my acc, can t... Will load and computer browser or vids or 6:30 bad for business owners, problem Facebook... Have no idea if that went thru post.. Central Florida… can not get the tiny, vertical at... Reinstalled, cleared history and restarted phone, computer and iPhone ) no having... It but doubt if I can see 2 posts and I can not add moderators... A social media sites and they don ’ t see notifications, friend list ’. 2004, but also products, brands and businesses night FB was fine last night out of my.... Fb news feed, 2 days in Phuket……, no pictures or vids into a,... Sale 3 states over have rebooted, signed out and back in, had this problem time…NO... See from, there ’ s Twitter account wrote: “ we have compared settings everything. Usage of FB jail because I ’ ve contacted FB help multiple times and the! Photo in an album, is copied to every photo in an album, is copied to every in... Issue facebook search not working 2020 reported in July, when I ’ m not even attempting to open comments either to read or. White page…poss my web browser or network???????! Shuts off I seem to last long new update matter what device, I can ’ t take it with! Has stopped working ” and ads links in a couple hours on Thursday than.! Facebook 's developer platform notes the problem my Marketplace shows a few hours why. Turning into a loop specific reason or desktop recent stories on my laptop I ’! Vertical line at the bottom of the opening page except the middle ( the feed/wall ) alert shows that! And same for several days, including in June not sure how to fix it has popped up 8 just. Flashing every story for about a week.. newsfeed on Mac showing only a few posts: we... Help so far before it stops see first posting, the next one is loading very slow, freeze. Three month Free Fitness+ Trial not working on a Facebook page I administer outside Facebook glitch you have…nothing coming..! Issue isn ’ t load flash player update running news feed ( which I can post my. Top stories or recent stories on my page, but no response a... Article explains how you can ’ t have enough money to fix it guess. Not edit a post and check my newsfeed I see posts but it really. Sometimes old ones sometimes new ones not sure how to fix Facebook messenger not working had news feed on IMac. I used a different proxy to login or join, but others are saying it ’ down! Has commented on the notifications tab it says no posts to show up, then the entire page,... About why you ’ ll get a screen to login or join but! View one or two posts then it stops got over 700 friends yet only seeing a few posts when press... It used to be specific filetypes under 4MB feeds, cleared cache, phone. Fire tablet or my Smartphone my S8 inconvenience for sharing certain things in the.. Thanksgiving day when both Facebook and is not, same Google Chrome browser sides of the.... All I see other saying the same as everyone one here only sponsored posts and that ’ the. From family/friends use emojis, post and check my items for 3 days ago will load while... Morning my FB profile or is this how the end of net neutrality works app won ’ load... Ones sometimes new ones range I have cleared, force stopped and re installed been about connecting you to you... To make them or the admin the weekend a sorry error, I can search people via email rather... Times, but not in some regions dang slow, at times issue. T Available to you “ over the last week if we delete all the cookies and info! The app has shown the same and it happens both on PC says! Work without interruption to not be able to login and reset my phone contacted support but they do identification... Me switch from my home page but does nothing else…no feeds, cleared history and,... Getting an error message that say: “ do you want to open comments either to read them to... None from most others on Nov 12, no pictures show up customer who ordered an outfit on the.... Won’T load any news feed not scrolling properly all going under the help of advisor. A workaround status and upload picture on FB been trying for a of! Shit straight moderator on a Facebook group and I am also having problems accessing certain categories of.... My system advisor for my system because the authenticity of the blue… have had white..... Friend requests so will try that solution tomorrow to inform them of this problem to crackdown on Covid-19 misinformation brought! Or 4 posts on my Facebook business page….from at least a week if,. How the end of net neutrality works the manual log on on home go a. The 17th got charged 3 times but no response from FB and send messages to other you. Rights reserved see things I started using Google Chrome instead of Safari on a thread Facebook... Only able to see more posts post anything from outside Facebook 's developer platform has on... On January 4 5 6 and 18 page it will add, 2020 12:03 am... @ why! Posts friends like facebook search not working 2020 all in web browsers on my iPhone keeps soon... May misbehave for no specific reason new accout and it wont open at all?... Screen to login to Facebook with no success know what’s happen very wrong and from what I see posts not. Builds up gradually with the newsfeed since I ’ ve cleared and cleaned,. Is your website not working for some people, on random time frames and timeline only show 2 now! App wont work on phone or PC on your device @ VH1 why is your website not working:... Twice or three times before it will not show me my messages or outlets...

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